Post apocalypse at ZBC

2023 is here and while the world spins and travels on thru the universe it feels as though a great weight has been lifted and “normal” is truly peeking it’s lovely head around the corner. At Zephyr’s we are looking forward to this new season. We have managed to open a little earlier, stay openContinue reading “Post apocalypse at ZBC”

The Story Behind Zephyr Books & Coffee

Zephyr Books & Coffee began with a young mother, Zapata Parra, who worked at a quaint local bookstore for 3 years. Her son, Zephyr, was not yet a year old when her employers offered her the opportunity to take over the shop, as they were soon planning on retiring. Zapata was enthusiastic about the prospectContinue reading “The Story Behind Zephyr Books & Coffee”