Post apocalypse at ZBC

2023 is here and while the world spins and travels on thru the universe it feels as though a great weight has been lifted and “normal” is truly peeking it’s lovely head around the corner. At Zephyr’s we are looking forward to this new season. We have managed to open a little earlier, stay open a little later. We are planning on hosting more small events this year including an exciting book launch this month. We are exploring new delicious eats and treats to enjoy as well. Our team is in tip top shape and our customers are delightful as usual. We are all excited about the new season, the new year and fresh hope! Bring it 2023! Happy New Year friends!

The Story Behind Zephyr Books & Coffee

Zephyr Books & Coffee began with a young mother, Zapata Parra, who worked at a quaint local bookstore for 3 years. Her son, Zephyr, was not yet a year old when her employers offered her the opportunity to take over the shop, as they were soon planning on retiring. Zapata was enthusiastic about the prospect of early entrepreneurship, and with the help of her incredibly supportive parents, Guy and Debbie Scott, they decided to recreate the bookshop with a fresh and creative vision that quickly evolved into Zephyr Books & Coffee.

Zapata’s mother, Debbie, always had a knack for baking. She had started baking for the local farmer’s market, and her treats quickly became a success for their quality and unbeatable flavor. Debbie’s talent for baking was undoubtedly the perfect addition to the bookshop. Bookshop, bakery… the only thing missing was coffee.

While browsing for locally roasted coffee companies, the family’s taste for high-quality and organic products led them to discover Northbound Coffee Roasters, based in Mt. Shasta, CA. With quality, organic coffee sourced from all over the world, they were a perfect fit for the shop. Zapata, Debbie and Guy were trained as baristas while completing the process of transporting and organizing a large selection of books from the previous store and into their new building.

Guy had years of experience in hands-on work, and naturally took up the challenge of fixing up their new storefront and getting the place up and running. With some help, he painted the walls, ceiling and outside “historical Miner Street-approved” earthy colors, installed countless bookcases, set up the bar and barista counter, and brought in many of the homey furnishings that add to the cozy and comforting atmosphere.

Zapata took on the tasks of designing the Zephyr Books & Coffee logo, setting up their social media outlets, and photographing the wonderful space that had only months earlier been nothing but an enticing thought. Zephyr, the store’s namesake, was enjoying his time with his mother and grandparents as they built the business he’d soon call “my coffeeshop” (and rightly so). Debbie helped design the interior layout, adding both large and small touches that have grown to create the perfect bookstore/coffeeshop vibe. Guy made sure that everything was functioning properly before the doors were officially opened on September 3rd, 2016.

Since then, many other wonderful people helped make Zephyr Books & Coffee what is it today, including the many amazing customers who have supported the business faithfully through the years, local authors and avid book-readers who have contributed to the numerous books that line the bookshelves, over a dozen very talented musicians who have played many hours of enjoyable live music for the Zephyr Books & Coffee audiences, and the team of incredibly hard-working and kind-hearted employees that greet you warmly and serve you to make your experience a pleasant and worthwhile one every time.

After almost 5 years in business, Zephyr Books & Coffee is still running strong and continues to welcome beloved customers through its doors, while proudly serving the community of Siskiyou County and travelers along Interstate-5 with quality coffee drinks, handmade organic baked goods, a wide selection of entertaining literature, enjoyable music and many unique gift items. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Zephyr Books & Coffee, there’s no better time than the present!